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Blood trailing dog NezzieAlthough studies have shown wounding rates to be low in hunting, at times a hunter may have trouble recovering his (her) game. Factors such as weather, shot deflections, game moving during the shot, hunter error, or terrain could all conspire to thwart a hunter's best effort at recovery.

Leashed blood trailing dogs are trained to be scent specific to blood and the scent of wounded game. The dog, as required by law in most of the places we trail, is worked under control in a harness and long line. It is never turned loose to search, engage the quarry, or bring it to bay. A dog so trained and handled, rejects all conflicting scents to stay on the trail of the individual wounded quarry.

Blood tracking dog whoaTrained, and used properly, blood trailing dogs can reduce wounding loss to near zero on deer and other big game, benefitting not just the hunter but the sport of hunting itself. Even those opposed to hunting often agree that if hunting does take place, the use of leashed tracking dogs to minimize the loss and suffering of wounded game is appropriate. We have even, on occasion, been able to secure permission to track through the property of anti-hunters with our bloodhound.Josie the blood houndbig buck and bloodhound Josie

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