Our Blood Tracking Service

The Midwest’s Most Experienced Blood Trackers

Our deer tracking service is a professional, full-time service uniquely oriented toward the specific needs of the trophy hunter. We are based in west-central Illinois, but trail in other states and provincesĀ if time allows. Certainly all wounded game deserves a hunter’s best recovery effort, but let’s face it, when your buck of a lifetime is on the line, the stakes are at their highest.

Tall tines at Joe Gizdic's in Roodhouse, Illinois
Tall tines at Joe Gizdic’s in Roodhouse, Illinois

Monster bucks and their Midwest habitat often create very difficult tracking challenges. When you consider all that you have invested in your hunt and the trophy you may lose, utilizing anything less than the best trailing team and techniques is simply foolish.

Huge bodied, mature bucks are extremely tough animals. sometimes going long distances even with decent hits. Combined with tightly controlled private ground and you have situations where it is often best to wait significant periods of time before taking up the trail. Going too soon could push a deer that has not yet succumbed to its wound onto neighboring property. Others could take it, or access could be denied. Unusual temperatures, high winds, rain, snow, and other difficult environmental factors are common during the Midwest season. Having the best cold-nosed trailing ability is a necessity for truly professional work.

We use true bloodhounds, regarded by most to be the world’s best breed of trailing dog. A professionally trained bloodhound represents the trophy hunter’s best chance at recovering a wounded deer under the most difficult of conditions. Having the best nose possible is important, and can often make the difference for you.

Bred for centuries for one purpose only - trailing. A lifetime of training for one purpose only - blood trailing.
Bred for centuries for one purpose only – trailing. A lifetime of training for one purpose, and one purpose only – finding your lost trophy.

Our training and trailing strategies are designed for recovering trophy bucks. We train intensively, year round, and have three decades of professional tracking experience. When your trophy of a lifetime is on the line, would you really want to entrust its recovery to those less experienced?

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