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 John and Elle with big caribou

Welcome to Caribou Country!

Hunting, fishing, and traveling in the magnificent wilderness of Quebec's far north is our passion. We are dedicated to providing high quality hunts for the majestic Quebec-Labrador caribou. Access to this wild area is by float plane from Caniapiscau, Quebec. Welcome to Caribou Adventure with Voyageurs Grand Nord!

Blood Tracking Dogs

We are also passionate about our working dogs. Our specialty is the training and handling of leashed blood trackerjohn and blood dogs with 190inch deertrailing dogs for the ethical search and recovery of wounded big game. Welcome, with AdventureVGN K-9, to the fascinating world of highly trained blood trailing / deer tracking dogs.

Hunt Experience

John Engelken, also known as Trackerjohn, has been been a life-long archer and bowhunter. Having started bowhunting deer in the late 1960's, John's big game animals of interest are whitetail deer, black bear, caribou, and moose. John has been partnered with Caribou Adventure for 20 years. His Voyageur camp is renown for high success and the extra measure of adventure. Blood tracking dog Jesse with 195inch deer

John's experience with blood tracking dogs began in 1980. John has tracked professionally for many years, and has worked his dogs in Ontario, Quebec, New York, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas. Presently the deer tracking service is based in west-central Illinois. Our dogs are intensively trained to the very highest levels to offer the trophy hunter his absolute best chance at recovery. Whether guiding or trailing, John's experience, dedication, and passion for what he does can make the difference for you!


All animals - free range and fair chase 

For more caribou information:

please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   for a brochure request. Please note: repeat clientel who trust our experience, expertise and integrity,  keep John's Voyageur hunt booked 1-2 years in advance. Call for available hunt dates.  Thanks for your interest in a hunt with us!

What hunters are saying...

"truly the hunt of a lifetime...a bowhunter can not find a better guide anywhere on the continent." Gary Socola  president NEW YORK BOWHUNTERS Inc


"We had a very good hunt with you. You worked very hard for us and we appreciate it." Dave Allen, N.Y.

"you're the best" Walt Griffin, Ontario

"Thanks for the memories of a lifetime. Wow, what a trip!" Bob Freiberg, Maine

"Thanks for your persistence in finding my best buck ever." Mark Godshoak, NY


"When it comes to finding a trophy buck, New York's John Engelken apparently has the formula down pat..." NORTH AMERICAN WHITETAIL MAGAZINE


"I'm so glad I got to see the dog work. Really something to see!" Beth Parker, Maine

"You really made the difference in our caribou hunt. Thanks again." Carl Hettinbaugh, NY

"Thanks for everything you did for us. That dog is unbelievable" Kevin Corcoran


 "Need expert tracking? You can't do better than John Engelken and his four legged partners."  PETERSEN'S BOWHUNTING MAGAZINE



Blood trailing dog NezzieAlthough studies have shown wounding rates to be low in hunting, at times a hunter may have trouble recovering his (her) game. Factors such as weather, shot deflections, game moving during the shot, hunter error, or terrain could all conspire to thwart a hunter's best effort at recovery.

Leashed blood trailing dogs are trained to be scent specific to blood and the scent of wounded game. The dog, as required by law in most of the places we trail, is worked under control in a harness and long line. It is never turned loose to search, engage the quarry, or bring it to bay. A dog so trained and handled, rejects all conflicting scents to stay on the trail of the individual wounded quarry.

Blood tracking dog whoaTrained, and used properly, blood trailing dogs can reduce wounding loss to near zero on deer and other big game, benefitting not just the hunter but the sport of hunting itself. Even those opposed to hunting often agree that if hunting does take place, the use of leashed tracking dogs to minimize the loss and suffering of wounded game is appropriate. We have even, on occasion, been able to secure permission to track through the property of anti-hunters with our bloodhound.Josie the blood houndbig buck and bloodhound Josie

Our blood trailing service

Illinois deer tracking service

NewYork deer tracking service




blood tracking-trailing dogs
















Chase and his bull caribou by bowCarl, Gisele and big bearblood dog whoa on caribouJohn Engelken 2006 caribou






Adventure is waiting... for you!

24pt 204 inch 2009


All animals taken by John's clients. All free ranging and taken fair chase.



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